Sunday, 28 December 2014

Microsoft's 2014 Windows Phone roundup, Vote for your favorite Lumia Device

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As we move towards the end of 2014, we have got a special roundup for our audiences. We have selected all the devices launched in 2014 and put them into the arena. Now its your time to pick the best device in each category and see your favorite devices winning the fight. The rules are simple. You need to select one device from each category. The voting will end on 1st Jan 2015. We will be announcing the winners on 2nd Jan 2015.
Show us your voting power and get to the top to make your favorite device the ultimate winner. The time starts now. Go!!! Go!!! Go!!!

Budget Category:

Mid Category:

Flagship Category:

So here we had all the categories. Vote for all of them and see them win. See you all in 2015 with the results. Have a great year ahead. Happy Voting.

The Voting has been ended. Stay tuned for the results. Thanks for voting.


Where is 1520?


Hello. We intentionally skipped Lumia 1520 as it is a flagship Phablet and Nokia/Microsoft don't have any other flagship Phablet so comparing Lumia 1520 with devices like 930 or 830 would be injustice for both the ends and will make the voting inaccurate and biased. I hope you understand. :)

How came 730 v/s 535......? Snapdragon 400 v/s Snapsragon 200. It doesn't make sense

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